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The Residenzschloss is a majestic Baroque castle. It dominates the center of Darmstadt. Formerly the residence of the Landgraves of Hesse, it now houses a museum and art gallery. Stroll through the Schlossgarten, a Baroque park surrounding the castle. Admire the sculptures and fountains that adorn its paths. Gaze out at the city skyline, drinking


Things to do and see - Darmstadt

Learn about the history of the Darmstadt artists' colony
View collections from art, cultural history, and natural history
Hessian State Museum
Relax at a beautiful park with extensive rose gardens and pavilions
Park Rosenhöhe
Explore the history of Darmstadt in the city's historic castle
Darmstadt Castle Museum
Marvel at the Art Nouveau building and enjoy panoramic views
Wedding tower
Attend an event at a modern science and congress center
Relax at the Rococo garden and admire the garden art
Prince George Garden
Gaze at a colorful and weird building with wavy terraces
See the modern skyscrapers of the city's financial district
Immerse yourself in the city's romantic charm and see the castle's ruins

Festivals - Darmstadt

FAQ - Darmstadt

What are the main cultural sites in Darmstadt?
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