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The town's multiculturalism is the fruit of an eventful European past and is found nowhere else. It is particularly evident in the architecture of the imposing Cietoksnis, the fortress at the heart of a centuries-old heritage. Built in 1810 to repel Napoleon's troops, it later served as a Nazi concentration camp before being garrisoned until


Things to do and see - Daugavpils

Explore a well-preserved 19th-century military fortification
Daugavpils Fortress
Discover the works of a famous abstract expressionist painter
Mark Rothko Art Center
Marvel at the colorful exterior and beautiful interior of a church
Saints Boris and Gleb Cathedral
Go picnicking, or paddle boating in summer
Dubrovin Park
Visit the only ammunition factory in the Baltic States open to tourists
Daugavpils Lead Shot Factory
Enter a historic building, housing various cultural institutions
Unity House
Spend leisurely summer days near a lake
Stropu ezers
See several churches and religious buildings
Church Hill
Go hiking, birdwatching, and enjoy the tranquil riverside setting
Daugavas Loki Nature Park
Have a day trip to one of the most important religious sites in Latvia
50 km
45 min
Experience an 18th-century atmosphere by walking in a park
Kraslava Palace and Park
40 km
40 min
Visit one of Latvia's oldest towns, and explore its Ludza Castle Ruins
110 km
90 min
Go to a great place for a day of swimming, and fishing
Lake Razna
90 km
80 min

FAQ - Daugavpils

What makes Daugavpils a multicultural city?
Where does the name Daugavpils come from?

Events - Daugavpils

Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre Summer Festival
The Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre Summer Festival is a cultural celebration that highlights the artistic legacy of Mark Rothko and showcases a diverse range of art forms. The festival features exhibitions, performances, workshops, and interactive experiences, providing a platform for artists and art enthusiasts to engage with the vibrant world of contemporary art.
Daugavpils, Latvia

Daugavpils City Festival
The Daugavpils City Festival is a lively and vibrant celebration of the city's culture, heritage, and community. It features a diverse range of activities including live music performances, art exhibitions, cultural displays, food stalls, and family-friendly entertainment, creating a festive atmosphere that brings people together to celebrate the spirit of Daugavpils.
Daugavpils, Latvia

Daugavpils Drifta festivāls
Daugavpils Drift Festival is an adrenaline-filled event that brings together drift racers from around the world. In this festival, visitors can enjoy thrilling drift competitions, watch spectacular driving demonstrations, and experience the excitement of being a part of this thrilling motorsport movement.
Daugavpils, Latvia

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