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De Young Museum

With its many works of art from around the world, the De Young Museum offers its visitors a very enriching cultural activity.
The De Young Museum is the oldest art museum in San Francisco. After opening its doors in 1895, it had to close them in 1989 following an earthquake that caused it significant structural damage. However, on October 15, 2005, the museum resumed its activities by adding new African works of art to its collections. 110 years after its first opening, the De Young Museum has become the oldest museum in the world. It is even distinguished from other museums by its unique architecture that integrates art and natural landscape. From the top of its roof, it also has an observatory that offers visitors a panoramic view of San Francisco.
De Young Museum
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FAQs for De Young Museum

  • Where is the De Young Museum?
    The De Young Museum is located in the heart of Golden Gate Park near the California Academy of Sciences.

  • Which architects were responsible for the restoration of the De Young Museum?
    Following an earthquake, the De Young Museum was restored by the Swiss architectural firms Herzog - de Meuron and Fong - Chan Architects in San Francisco.

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