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Deserts that can be explored on our planet

The beauty of the landscape, the silence, and the feeling of freedom are the terms that best refer to deserts.
At least, people who embark on an adventure wishing to discover the deserts take great pleasure in letting themselves be transported by this particular and mythical atmosphere. Wadi Rum in Jordan is one of the most famous deserts in the world. A trip to this desert offers an incredible spectacle at sunrises and sunsets with the red tones of its sand. You will also find sights such as the Seven Pillars of Wisdom, the ruins of the Nabataean Temple, and the Khazali Canyon. Morocco and, more particularly, the Sahara is a well-known destination. The Sahara is the 3rd largest desert in the world, and it is trendy with extreme hiking enthusiasts. The departure is from Ouarzazate, and it will allow you to discover the Draa Valley and the Berber people, who will probably invite you to discover traditional Moroccan cuisine. Then, in the United Arab Emirates, you can visit the Liwa desert, which has an extremely arid climate. Nevertheless, visitors can go there, especially for its dunes which are also the highest in the world. In addition, in the Bedouin villages, you will have the opportunity to go archery and hiking. There, the fortress of Jabbanah and its three towers will allow you to make a historical visit. If you head to Namibia for a tour of the Namib Desert, one of the oldest in the world, you will discover the Sossusvlei, where the fauna and flora seem to be in perfect harmony in the middle of the desert. Then, the Fish River Canyon will give you a sublime view of the surroundings, and you will spend a wonderful time on the Skeleton Coast admiring the most beautiful shipwrecks of all eras. After that, if you're looking for your next vacation destination, the Atacama in Chile might be the one for you. In this place, the dunes are replaced by rocks where biodiversity is relatively rich despite its extreme climate that goes from very cold to very hot. To shiver, do not hesitate to go to the valley of death. Then, a desert that you absolutely must visit if you have the opportunity is the Red Center in Australia. The ideal time to go is from March to April and September to October. What distinguishes it from all the other deserts of the country is the red color of its land, which is at the very origin of the red coat of kangaroos. There, you can start with the mythical Uluru rock, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, before moving on to kata Tjuta, round-headed mountains, then to the Alice Springs area and the King Canyon. Another unique desert in the world to see is the Gobi in Mongolia. It is the largest in Asia, and it is freezing! It is, therefore, better to go there in September or October. In the Gobi, only 5% of the area is covered with sand, but you can discover the Flaming Cliffs, cliffs carved by water and wind, and the beautiful Valley of the Eagles. Then, in India, the Thar is a refuge for antelopes, gazelles, lynxes, and foxes. In this desert, you can sleep, go on long hikes and discover the small villages that will welcome you for a meal or drink break. In Spain, Bardenas is a famous desert for Europeans. It is located in the Navarre region, giving way to an excellent show of clays and sandstones. Of course, we must remember the United States, where one of the world's most beautiful deserts is hidden. The Sonora is very popular for its saguaro cacti, which have an elongated shape up to 5 meters high. In South America is the Atacama Desert, the driest in the world. There has not been a single drop of water in this place for more than 50 years, and a few kilometers north of Atacama, there is a second desert, the Salar de Uyuni. It is the largest salt desert in the world, and when it rains, it turns into a giant water mirror.
Deserts that can be explored on our planet
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