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Central to Dortmund's allure is the iconic Westfalenpark, a lush expanse of greenery offering respite from the urban bustle. Wander through themed gardens, discover tranquil ponds, and revel in the seasonal splendor of blooming flowers—a serene escape within the city limits.

The U-Tower, a former brewery turned cultural hub, is a testament to the


Things to do and see - Dortmund

Enjoy a park railway, chairlift, flower gardens, playgrounds
View multimedia installations tracing the history of football in Germany
German Football Museum
Catch a game at one of Europe's most famous stadiums
Signal Iduna Park
Visit one of the largest botanical gardens in the world
Rombergpark Botanical Garden
Discover the world of work and industry at an interactive museum
DASA Working World Exhibition
Enter a vibrant cultural center in a former brewery
Dortmund U-Tower
Explore waterside dining options by an artificial lake
Have a trip to a historic castle, and enjoy scenic views
Hohensyburg Castle
15 km
50 min
Stroll along one of Germany's busiest shopping streets
Admire a prominent Gothic structure in Dortmund's city center
St. Reinold's Church
Go to a neighboring city with a rich cultural heritage
35 km
20 min
Have a comprehensive look at the history of mining in Germany
20 km
10 min
Step inside a beautiful moated castle, located near Dortmund
Schloss Bodelschwingh
10 km
40 min

FAQ - Dortmund

What are some of the lesser-known attractions in Dortmund that are worth exploring?
Are there any attractions that provide panoramic views of the city?

Events - Dortmund

The Demokratie-Festival is a significant event that celebrates the principles of democracy, fostering discussions and engagement around civic participation and political awareness. This festival offers a platform for citizens to gather, exchange ideas, attend informative sessions, and participate in workshops focused on democratic values, social issues, and active citizenship. Through its diverse program of talks, panels, cultural activities, and community initiatives, the Demokratie-Festival promotes a deeper understanding of democratic processes and encourages people to become informed and engaged members of their society.
Dortmund, Germany

Jugglerz Festival
The Jugglerz Festival is a vibrant celebration of music, culture, and unity, where music enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds come together to experience a fusion of genres and performances by top artists. This festival provides a dynamic platform for showcasing reggae, dancehall, and hip-hop music, along with cultural elements that promote positive vibes, creative expression, and a sense of togetherness among attendees.
Dortmund, Germany

Blacklist Festival
The Blacklist Festival stands as the ultimate gathering for a myriad of bass music genres in Germany. Our festival is a dedicated celebration of the ever-evolving realm of bass music, spanning from dubstep to drum & bass and beyond. We unite a selection of top-tier artists from across our shared planetary home, welcoming you to embark on the Ark X experience. Join the movement. Join Blacklist.
Dortmund, Germany

Syndicate Festival
Syndicate Festival in Dortmund is a dynamic and immersive music event that captures the essence of the electronic music scene. This festival serves as a pulsating hub for electronic music enthusiasts, featuring an array of genres from techno and trance to hardstyle and hardcore. With its electrifying performances, cutting-edge soundscapes, and a vibrant crowd, Syndicate Festival creates an unforgettable experience that resonates with the heart of electronic music culture.
Dortmund, Germany

Japan Light Festival
The Japan Light Festival in Dortmund is a captivating cultural event that illuminates the city with the enchanting beauty of Japanese traditions. This festival brings together an exquisite display of mesmerizing light installations, showcasing the intricate artistry and creativity of Japanese culture. As the city comes alive with vibrant colors and ethereal illuminations, visitors are invited to immerse themselves in a magical atmosphere that celebrates the rich heritage and artistic spirit of Japan.
Dortmund, Germany

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