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The city is a veritable open-air gallery with a striking architectural heritage, sumptuous palaces, singular churches and elegant squares. Start your exploration at the Frauenkirche, a Lutheran cathedral with a towering dome symbolising Dresden's reconstruction after World War II. Next, admire the Zwinger, a Baroque structural ensemble that houses several internationally renowned museums. Stroll along

Things to do and see - Dresden

Witness a symbol of Dresden's resilience and reconstruction after World War II
Frauenkirche Dresden
Be amazed by the splendour of a famous palatial complex with gardens
Attend a performance or take a guided tour of a splendid opera house
Semperoper Dresden
Stroll on a terraced promenade and admire the beautiful architecture
Brühl's Terrace
Explore a historic castle that houses several museums
Dresden Castle
Discover the largest treasure collection in Europe
Green Vault
Experience 360-degree panoramas of Dresden
Dresden Panometer
Take a trip to a restored Baroque-style palace on a riverside
Pillnitz Castle
Embark on a journey through centuries of European art history
Old Masters Picture Gallery
Hike through forests and stunning rock formations
Saxon Switzerland National Park
Visit a Baroque palace on a symmetrical artificial island
Moritzburg Castle

Festivals - Dresden

FAQ - Dresden

What influence did the Electorate of Saxony have on the cultural development of Dresden?
What other activities can you do in Dresden?

- Dresden

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