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Exploring Port Cities

Lisbon, Istanbul, and Amsterdam are cities by the sea with great historical and cultural wealth. Built right on the river Tagus, Lisbon boasts world-famous sites such as Jeronimos Monastery or Belem Tower. Istanbul connects Europe and Asia and is adorned with stunning works of art like Hagia Sophia Mosque, Blue Mosque or Topkapi Palace that


Things to do and see - Exploring Port Cities

Witness one of the world's largest seaports
Shanghai, China
Explore the home to one of the busiest ports in the world
Admire the stunning city skyline and bustling harbor
Hong Kong
Experience a dynamic, modern, and innovative city
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Take in spectacular views from the world's tallest building
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tour a unique city that spans two continents
Istanbul, Turkey
Discover a city dotted with striking modern architecture
Shenzhen, China
See unique architecture and hundreds of canals
Hamburg, Germany
Stroll among baroque masterpieces and Flemish revival buildings
Antwerp, Belgium
Enjoy high-fashion shopping and enchanting beach spots
Los Angeles, United States

FAQ - Exploring Port Cities

What are the iconic historical monuments in port cities?
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