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Having known how to preserve its cultural and historical heritage, Faro is a city of incredible charm.
Whether cultural or historical, its richness is incomparable: Faro, capital of the Algarve in Portugal, is located in the extreme south of the country. The city has a historic district, the Cidade Velha, with Moorish and Roman ruins as well as beautiful buildings dating from the 18th century. Within the ancient Roman wall, you will see a superb Gothic cathedral opposite the episcopal palace, built in the 16th century. By taking the pretty cobbled streets of the historic center, you can reach the Jardim Manuel Bivar square which offers a beautiful view of the fishing port. You can also visit the Church of Mercy, a place rich in history with a museological space presenting works of sacred art. Not far from the city, there are the beaches of Albufeira, Falesia or Marinha: great places to fully enjoy the sun.
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FAQs for Faro

  • Where does the name Faro come from?
    When he conquered the city in 1249, Afonso III named it “Santa Maria de Faaron”, hence the current name Faro.

Things to do and see in Faro

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