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Finland has been the happiest country in the world for several consecutive years, according to a UN report. A wild place where nature is untouched, it is the perfect destination for all lovers of the great outdoors and winter sports. You can go to Mount Levi, home to the country's largest resort with miles of trails. If you want a quieter place, head to Luosto in Lapland where you can observe reindeer but also the Northern Lights. You will have the opportunity to observe this luminous phenomenon for a night in a glass-roofed igloo, a unique moment! Lapland will offer you another experience you won't find anywhere else: a visit to Santa's village in Rovaniemi. Another original way to discover the country: a sled ride with huskies or reindeer! If you're a hiking enthusiast, Finland is full of forests where it's good to walk. The Great Lakes region, in the south of the country, is also not to be missed if you want a peaceful moment. You can spend the day in a cottage by the water and enjoy the famous Finnish saunas, often ending with a dip in the cold water. Helsinki is not to be missed during your stay. Take a stroll through the historic centre of the capital where you will have the opportunity to admire its unique architecture. If you want a moment away from the crowds, come stroll through the city of Porvoo with its small wooden houses, just an hour's drive from the capital.
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FAQs for Finland

  • How to discover Sami culture in Finland?
    To learn more about the Sami, you can visit the village of Inari as well as the Siida Museum located in North Lapland. The museum offers permanent events and exhibitions as well as an outdoor section during the summer.

  • What are the specialties of Finnish cuisine?
    Finland has a true culinary identity to test during a stay. Specialties include: korvapuusti, which are cinnamon buns and cardamom, mustikkapiirakka, a blueberry pie, or poronkäristys, which is a reindeer stew.

Things to do and see in Finland

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