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Florence, or Firenze, is the capital city of the Tuscany region in central Italy. It is known as the birthplace of the Renaissance for its historical contribution and significance. Located approximately 230 kilometers north of Rome, this city is widely regarded as one of Italy most attractive destinations. It is without a doubt one of

Things to do and see - Florence

Cross over a picturesque medieval arched river bridge
Ponte Vecchio
Walk around the heart of the historic center of Florence
Piazza del Duomo
Stroll along the political heart of Florence since the Middle Ages
Piazza della Signoria
Enter the most important landmark in Florence
Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore
View masterpieces by famous Renaissance artists
Uffizi Gallery
Be amazed by David, Michelangelo's famous sculpture
Accademia Gallery
Wander through grand galleries and splendid gardens
Pitti Palace
See the world's largest Franciscan church, built in the Middle Ages
Basilica of Santa Croce in Florence
Go shopping and experience Florentine culture
Central Market
Escape to an outdoor museum filled with sculptures, and fountains
The Boboli Gardens
Witness timeless charm, medieval streets, and Piazza del Campo
Have a day trip to a small walled medieval hill town
San Gimignano
Step inside one of the city's unmistakable symbols
Palazzo Vecchio

Festivals - Florence

FAQ - Florence

Is it true that Florence was the first city in Europe to pave its streets?

Exhibitions - Florence

- Florence

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