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Fortified city of Carcassonne

The city of Carcassonne is a medieval citadel located in the south of France and contains various extremely well-preserved historic buildings. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the site has been the focal point of many conflicts, whether in the Middle Ages, between Cathars and royal forces, or in the 17th century, during the delimitation of the borders between France and Spain. You can visit the Basilica of Saint-Nazaire, also known as the "Jewels of the City", especially thanks to its stained glass windows, considered as the most beautiful in the region. Take the time to stroll through the alleys, taste local specialties such as cassoulet, take a tour of the Comtal Castle or admire magnificent panoramas of the City and the Pyrenees.
Fortified city of Carcassonne

FAQs for Fortified city of Carcassonne

  • When was the city of Carcassonne created?
    It seems that the foundations of the primitive city date back to the Gallo-Roman period. Subsequently, it continued to undergo additions until the end of the Middle Ages.

  • Are there any activities on offer in the city of Carcassonne?
    Every summer various events take place: the Festival of the City, to discover operas, plays or concerts; The City Embrace, a unique fireworks display; and the Medievals, a re-enactment that includes street animations and tournaments.