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French Polynesia

French Polynesia is a string of mountainous jungle islands in the ocean. This place is an incredible destination between the dream beaches, the adventures, and the exciting activities found there.
The first thing to do is to see the legendary wave of Teahupoo, the second largest in the world. If you like surfing, this will be the time to try the experience; if not, you can enjoy the bay's warm, calm, and crystalline waters. Then the peninsula of Taiarapu will invite you to discover the waterfalls by the ocean, hike in the volcanic rock, and jump to the cliff. It is the perfect place to disconnect from everything. Between the excursions, you can also take the time to taste Polynesian cuisine. Then, you can take the road to the Tuamotu archipelago, where small sandbanks placed on myriads of blues will allow you to cut yourself off for a few moments from the world. The Tikehau Atoll will surely surprise you with its white and pink sand and activities such as snorkeling, surfing, and scuba diving. Maupiti is a true tropical haven of peace where calm is honored. Then, you will not forget to immerse yourself in the soft and velvety waves of the Bora Bora lagoon. This experience will not leave you indifferent. After if you are a fan of diving, you will find excellent sites in Huahine, and you can even see barracudas, black trevally, rays, and sharks. For hiking lovers, you can pass through the small island of Moorea, where you'll see waterfalls and a thriving jungle. You will also cross the coffee and coconut groves. In French Polynesia, you will find many snorkeling sites and the island of Taha'a is one of the best. It is famous for its preserved coral gardens and vanilla production. You will undoubtedly come across the various plantations during your visit. Then, you will have the opportunity to discover the Heiva festival between the end of June and the end of July, where traditional Tahitian dance is honored. Also, consider visiting the ancient stone temples called marae on the islands of Raiatea and Huahine. If you fancy immersing yourself in local life, head to the Papeete Public Market. Between the musicians of ukuleles, the vibrant colors of the flower stalls, and the aromas of vanilla and coconut, you will be wholly carried away by the Polynesian atmosphere.
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