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Frozen lake experience

Beyond the serenity inspired by frozen lakes, several activities are on offer. The trails that wind through the surrounding landscape are the ideal playground for hikers and photographers. If the ice cover is thick enough, venture out on foot or, why not, with a pair of skates. You can also try your hand at ice


FAQ - Frozen lake experience

How does ice form on lakes?
When is it safe to walk on a frozen lake?

Events - Frozen lake experience

The ICE St. Moritz - International Concours of Elegance
The ICE St. Moritz - International Concours of Elegance is a prestigious automotive event that showcases the finest classic and vintage cars from around the world. Held in the picturesque setting of St. Moritz, Switzerland, the event brings together automobile enthusiasts and collectors to admire and celebrate the timeless beauty and craftsmanship of these exceptional vehicles.
St. Moritz, Switzerland

Ice Festival at Khuvsgul Lake
The Ice Festival at Khuvsgul Lake is a winter celebration that showcases beautifully crafted ice sculptures and offers a unique cultural experience in a picturesque setting.
Khatgal, Mongolia

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