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Some do not hesitate to call this wonderful country the last Eden on Earth because you can only be blown away once you visit Gabon.
Between the superb white sand beaches, biodiversity, and its many national parks, Gabon has a lot of surprises in store for you. For this purpose, you will start with Libreville, the country's capital, where you can stroll through the charming streets and find incredible restaurants. This eclectic modern city will allow you to visit the National Museum, the Palace of Arts and Traditions of Gabon, the Saint-Michel Church, the Presidential Palace, or the Mont-Bouet market. After the city, you can immerse yourself in Gabon's vast nature, including a visit to the Loango National Park. The landscape is lush and the wildlife fantastic. Pongara Park will amaze you with the diversity of its landscape.rnIn addition to Ivindo National Park, there will only be 10 national parks left to visit! You will take the view between forests, mangrove trees, beaches, savannahs, and the many species of birds and other animals. Then, you will also think of the Fernan Vaz Lagoon Gorilla, a natural sanctuary for the gorillas who live there, and since you will be in the Ogooue region, you can go to Kongou Falls. You will then return to the city and, more precisely, to Franceville, where you will find the splendid church of Hilaire, and if you want to return to nature, you will find the falls of Poubara near the place. If you want to see the nightlife in Gabon, Port-Gentil is the place to go. Then you move on to Lastourville, allowing you to make beautiful hikes to the Boundji waterfalls and visit the caves there. These are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. If you are a fan of water sports, you will have to go to Akanda National Park. It is also the nesting place for migratory birds.
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