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Gambia is often called the confetti of Senegal. Here, the river through the mangrove and the forest of incomparable density seduce lovers of ecotourism.
Banjul, the capital of Gambia, is undoubtedly one of the essential steps to integrate into your journey within the country. You will find the only museum in the area, the Gambia National Museum. It will give you an excellent overview of Gambian culture and local traditions practiced in the country. The Arch 22 at the entrance of the city or the Albert Market are two other places you can visit in the city. After that, you will experience a real change of scenery if you go to Serrekunda, which is agitated by the urban chaos produced there, especially at the beach around Kotu. There, the cows on the beaches also seem to love idleness. For party lovers, the shopping street in Senegambia will keep you awake all night, and walking enthusiasts will find their happiness in the Bilijo Forest Park for an eco-walk. The more adventurous among you would be tempted by Bakau, which derives its popularity from its sacred crocodiles and its lively nightlife by the beach. The Kachikally Museum is a must to visit, and then you will see the pond home to sacred crocodiles for nearly 1000 years. In Wassu, you will witness a magnificent show with the eleven stone circles that are part of a set of 93 stone circles on the border between Senegal and Gambia. You should also know that this fantastic place is classified as a World Heritage Site. The remains date from the tenth to the fourteenth century. The Makasutu Culture Forest is highly protected in Gambia. It is located on the river delta, and during a canoe ride, you will meet pelicans, kingfishers, or flamingos. Finally, discover the authentic life of the locals by heading to Gunjur. The village is very lively and in this place, walks in the forests or idleness are the main activities to do there, and of course, you will also be able to taste some specialties of the country.
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