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Also known as a large industrial centre with shipyards and must-see places in the country's contemporary history, this dynamic city will invite you to let go and be carried away by all that it offers you, especially in art, culture, nature, etc. Rebuilt after the Second World War, Gdansk reveals a "Glowne Miasto" atmosphere with


Things to do and see - Gdańsk

Admire a historic fountain, a distinctive landmark of the city
Neptune's Fountain
Gain insights into the global impact of World War II
Museum of the Second World War
Explore the historic site where World War II began
Marvel at one of the biggest Gothic brick buildings in the world
St. Mary's Church
Wander around a charming square with its colorful facades
Long Market
Enter a museum dedicated to modern Polish history
European Solidarity Centre
Wander through a well-preserved old medieval town
Gdańsk Old Town
Stroll a picturesque street with jewelry shops and decorative facades
Mariacka Street
See the city from a new angle and admire its waterfront architecture
Motlawa River
Spend time at a beautiful beach at a nearby seaside town
Enjoy the coastal charm of a city, and explore its maritime heritage
Visit a medieval fortress, one of the largest brick castles in the world
Malbork Castle

Festivals - Gdańsk

FAQ - Gdańsk

Is it true that Gdansk formed part of Germany?
Is it true that Gdansk is home to the most extended building in Poland?
Why is there a beer bell in Gdansk?

- Gdańsk

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