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Gdansk is one of the most beautiful cities in Poland. It is genuinely seductive with its old centre, cobbled streets lined with colourful gabled houses.
Also known as a large industrial centre with shipyards and must-see places in the country's contemporary history, this dynamic city will invite you to let go and be carried away by all that it offers you, especially in art, culture, nature, etc. Rebuilt after the Second World War, Gdansk reveals a Glowne Miasto atmosphere with its pretty colourful houses all in height, its various monuments with incredible architecture, including the large mill, the courtyard of Artus and the Polish post office museum. Gdansk City Hall will introduce you to its outstanding historical heritage and give you a stunning view of the old town. Gdansk will also charm you with its local culinary specialities such as Le Pierogi, composed of potatoes, cheese, cabbage, mushrooms and sometimes even blueberries. Then, in Mariacka Street, you will have the opportunity to sit on a terrace for a coffee or to taste an absolute Polish vodka, the Goldwasser (composed of gold glitter). Also, be sure to visit Gdansk's historic Beer Bell. The bell is no longer used today, but it remains magnificent. You can also let yourself be seduced by the purchase of a jewel in the lovely shops along the street. To take a break in nature, you must go to the island of Westerplatte. Majestic forests and a beautiful boat ride await you. Then, hikers and cyclists can get some fresh air in the city at their leisure. Also, remember to visit the museum the European Center of Solidarity to get more information about the symbolic Solidarity movement initiated by Lech Valesa. Then, take a moment to stroll along the quays of the Motlawa, where you will find restaurants and craft shops. To entertain you, the Shakespeare Festival in Gdansk is a great classic, and it brings together Polish or foreign artists for this famous English playwright.
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