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Discover one of Europe's most majestic galleries, the Gemäldegalerie, which includes paintings from the 12th to the 18th centuries. Located within the Kulturforum, the Forum of Culture, it is home to some of the biggest names in painting. You can find works by Botticelli, Durer, Raphael, Vermeer or Caravaggio. For Rembrandt lovers, the Gemäldegalerie also hosts the largest collection of Rembrandt's works, with 16 paintings. So take the time to travel on these 7000 m² of exhibition halls, meticulously organized according to schools and eras. From the Renaissance in the countries of Northern Europe to that of Italy, you will have a real panoramic view of the history of art until the 18th century.

FAQs for Gemäldegalerie

  • How many works are on display at the Gemäldegalerie?
    More than 3,000 paintings are available to visitors within the Gemäldegalerie.

  • When was the Gemäldegalerie inaugurated?
    The gallery was inaugurated in its new buildings in 1997, although it had existed since 1830 in the Altes Museum. New premises were needed to accommodate the new works, at the south of the Tiergarten park.