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The 400-year-old Gothenburg City is known as Sweden's "New Amsterdam" because of some of its Dutch-inspired architecture, maritime beauty, and superb cuisine. Visit Liseberg Amusement Park and ride Helix, the longest and fastest rollercoaster in Scandinavia, to start with its contemporary side. Explore the Universeum Science Museum, a gigantic, colossal structure stuffed with incredible science

Step back in time with a visit to this historic coastal defense
Nya Älvsborg Fortress
Admire the stunning architecture of this Gothic Revival masterpiece
Oscar Frederik Church
Relax in a vast urban park with beautiful landscapes and diverse wildlife
Explore one of Europe’s largest botanical gardens, brimming with flora
Gothenburg Botanical Garden
Discover the wonders of science and nature in this interactive museum
Experience the thrills of Sweden's most popular amusement park

FAQ - Gothenburg

How many rides are there in Liseberg Amusement Park?
Which beaches in Gothenburg are the most well-known?
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