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Grand Canyon

A must-see on a road trip in the American West, the Grand Canyon is a unique natural place in the world with magnificent landscapes!
Located in Arizona, the Grand Canyon is the most visited national park in the United States and one of the 7 wonders of nature. Listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site in 1919, this vast territory of 4,927 km2 sculpted by the Colorado River over the years will put you in full view. Mainly known for its vertiginous landscapes, the Grand Canyon is home to a unique ecosystem rich in more than 500 animal species including one of the world's largest birds, the California Condor. The canyon is made up of two different parts: the South Rim which is more landscaped and touristy and the wilder North Rim. The starting point of the tour is the Grand Canyon Village located at the entrance to the South Rim. From here you can go hiking or trekking and discover amazing places! Views such as Yaki Point and Grandview Point are a must for a breathtaking panorama! Once up there, it's impossible to leave the Grand Canyon without watching a sunrise or sunset, an unforgettable moment that you will experience only once in your life!
Grand Canyon
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FAQs for Grand Canyon

  • How deep is the Grand Canyon?
    The depth of the Grand Canyon is not everywhere the same and depends on the location. However, some faults are up to 1.6 km deep!

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