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Great Wall of China

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1897, this monument is more than two thousand years old and is more than 8,000 km long. It was built over a whole century despite knowing many pauses during its construction. Originally, the wall was used as a transport route to circulate goods and as a fortress

Great Wall of China

Things to do and see - Great Wall of China

Walk along a well-preserved sections of the Great Wall
Great Wall of Badaling
Visit a quiet and scenic section of China's Great Wall
Hike a steep and iconic segment of the Wall
Take a cable car ride and enjoy the natural surroundings
Witness a wild section of the Great Wall with precipitous mountains
Get a unique perspective on China's iconic Great Wall on a boat ride
Enjoy stunning views, and visit some ancient temples
Hike along an unrestored section of the Great Wall
Experience magnificent views on the shores of the Bohai Sea
Explore a less-visited part of the Great Wall

FAQ - Great Wall of China

What is the exact length of the Great Wall of China?
What are the dimensions of the Great Wall of China?

- Great Wall of China

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