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Qaanaaq is the first place to visit and experience the polar night or the midnight sun. The hospitality of the locals, as well as the breathtaking landscapes, are incredible. Uummannaq is a second concentrate of Greenlandic landscapes where it is possible to take the seaside trails, climb the 1100m mountain, see the icebergs break away


Things to do and see - Greenland

Witness breathtaking glaciers and icebergs
Learn about Greenland's history, culture, and archaeological artifacts
Greenland National Museum and Archives
Engross yourself in n Greenlandic art and culture
Nuuk Art Museum
Attends some Greenlandic performances, and cultural events
Katuaq - Cultural Center
See one of the world's most active and awe-inspiring glaciers
Jakobshavn Glacier
View a collection of contemporary Greenlandic art
Ilulissat Kunstmuseum
Enter a wooden cathedral in the Old Nuuk neighborhood
Church of Our Saviour
Experience the history and traditions of Greenlandic Inuit culture
Nanortalik Outdoor Museum
Visit the capital for fascinating cultural experiences and breathtaking landscapes
See stunning fjords, colorful houses, and experience authentic Inuit culture
Take the chance to spot whales in their natural habitat and see massive icebergs
Disko Bugt
Walk around charming colorful houses and have fjord views
Discover unique basalt formations, wildlife, and ancient settlements
Disko Island
Observe the mesmerizing Aurora Borealis
Northern Lights
Enjoy an exhilarating ride across the Arctic with friendly huskies
Dog Sledding
Take a boat tour to see whales
Whale Watching
Soak in natural hot springs amidst stunning icy landscape
Uunartoq Hot Springs

Festivals - Greenland

FAQ - Greenland

Is it true that Greenland is known to be the world's largest island?
Is it true that the sun does not set in Greenland at a particular period of the year?
Where did Greenland get its name from?

- Greenland

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