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Many people are fascinated by Greenland, this colossal island covered with ice on most of its territory. You will be fascinated by the natural baths, the polar nights, and the mountains.
Qaanaaq is the first place to visit and experience the polar night or the midnight sun. The hospitality of the locals, as well as the breathtaking landscapes, are incredible. Uummannaq is a second concentrate of Greenlandic landscapes where it is possible to take the seaside trails, climb the 1100m mountain, see the icebergs break away from the Qarajq glacier, and contemplate many species of whales. Then, Ilulissat is a town in Greenland that enjoys a pleasant climate and is suitable for hiking enthusiasts. On the program, there is the discovery of the beautiful colors of the tundra, the various observation points of the ice fjord, the boat or kayak excursion to see humpback whales, and the Eqi glacier. You will also take the opportunity to visit two local museums, one of which is dedicated to the Eskimo Knud Rasmussen, and the second is an art museum that exhibits the works of Emanuel Pertersen. Sisimiut is the next destination. It is the arrival or departure point for the famous Arctic Circle Rail. It is a nine- to eleven-day trek that can be practiced in any season by foot, skiing, or snowmobiling. Then, Kangerlussuaq will welcome you to reach points of interest, such as the ice cap, hike and discover the local wildlife, or observe the northern lights. In Nuuk, you will find the National Museum of Greenland, where the rhythm of the tides regularly immerses the famous sculpture, Mother of the sea. Qaqortoq is where you can contemplate the theatrical exhibition of about forty sculptures carved in stone and rocks, namely the Stone & Man project. Narsaq also offers its share of pleasant landscapes with fields and rivers for hiking. It was in this place that great geologists discovered the rare semi-precious stone, the tuttu pit. Finally, in Tasiilaq, expect to be surprised by the colorful vegetation and the fjord dotted with icebergs.
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