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Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

A veritable setting for artistic modernity, the Guggenheim Museum will offer a complete artistic panorama of the 20th and 21st centuries.
Guggenheim Museum Bilbao
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FAQs for Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

  • What is the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation?
    This foundation is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1937 by Solomon R. Guggenheim, an American industrialist, collector and patron, to promote Art around the world.

  • Who is the architect of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao?
    The architect of the museum is the famous Frank O. Gehry, worldly famous for his modern, even futuristic buildings, and the use of new materials.

  • When was the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao inaugurated?
    It opened its doors on October 18, 1997, with more than 250 works of art as its first exhibition.

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