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Hạ Long Bay

Located in northeastern Vietnam, Ha Long Bay is particularly renowned for its beautiful turquoise waters and thousands of towering limestone islands covered in rainforests. Moreover, the area is suitable for junk cruises, kayak excursions, scuba diving, climbing, and hiking in the Cat Ba Mountain National Park.
Nature-loving travelers will have plenty to explore in Ha Long Bay. They will be lulled by the gentle pitch of junk while cruising on the bay. Here, the striking beauty of the marine karst landscapes is highlighted. Thus, navigation will be done on emerald waters through thousands of islands and islets with strange shapes. Tai Chi enthusiasts will also be delighted because the cruise ship allows them to do it at sunrise. Kayaking is another highly appreciated activity at Ha Long Bay. It will be an opportunity to explore some of the less accessible places in the area while enjoying the wonderful birdsong. Tourists can then continue with a visit to the fishing village at Ha Long Bay. It is a surprising discovery of the aquatic life that awaits them, including a total immersion in the daily life of the villagers. The adventure can then continue in one of the caves of Ha Long Bay. These limestone formations are the place of refuge for many cavities and caves. Those who dream of swimming in the turquoise waters of Ha Long Bay will be able to have a blast on one of the many beaches in the region. As for hiking enthusiasts, a climb of the Titov mountain, classified by UNESCO, will satisfy them. A panoramic view of landscapes of breathtaking beauty awaits them, but that's not all. The wonder will continue on Cat Ba Island, home to multiple endemic plant and animal species. Moreover, the island allows getaways on foot or by bike on its hiking trails.
Hạ Long Bay

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