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The Hong River Delta's center and Vietnam's third largest city, Hai Phong, is best for a cultural visit you have been planning. Begin your tour in the tranquil Old Town of the city, where you will witness the laid-back pace of life of the locals. The Du Hang Pagoda, constructed in the 17th century, exemplifies

Stroll through vibrant streets bustling with culture and history
Phố đi bộ Tam Bạc
Discover ancient tranquility amidst ornate architectural beauty
Hai Ninh Temple
Experience spiritual serenity at this historic Buddhist temple
Chùa Đỏ
Admire the grandeur of sacred architecture and religious heritage
Cathedral of the Diocese of Hai Phong
Immerse yourself in pristine nature and diverse wildlife
Cat Ba National Park
Cruise through breathtaking landscapes of limestone karsts and emerald waters
Lan Ha Bay

FAQ - Haiphong

When was Hai Phone founded?
What temples can be found in Hai Phong?
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