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The people of Haiti are known for their strength and creativity. Their creativity is seen in their lively art, music, and dance.

The landscapes in Haiti are like a painting. As this country has stunning mountains like the Massif de la Hotte and the Massif du Nord. There's also the Citadel Laferrière, a fortress


Things to do and see - Haiti

Climb to a mountaintop fortress and have a glimpse into Haiti's history
Laferriere Citadel
Witness a prime example of Haitian architecture and history
Sans Souci Palace
View exhibits on Haitian history, culture, and independence
The National Pantheon Museum
Hike through the forest to reach waterfalls and natural pools for swimming
Bassin Bleu
Go to a coastal town and explore its rich history and vibrant culture
See endemic and rare plant and animal species in a primary forest
Pic Macaya National Park
Immerse yourself in Haitian culture in its capital city
Explore a port city known for its French colonial architecture
Swim, snorkel, or soak up the tropical sun
Spend your day swimming and snorkeling in a secluded cove
Kokoye Beach

FAQ - Haiti

What are the customs in Haiti?
What kinds of traditional arts and crafts are popular in Haiti, and where can tourists buy real souvenirs?

- Haiti

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