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Hiking in Asia

Asia is synonymous with diverse and breathtaking landscapes for avid hikers. The different trails all have their specificities, which pleases hikers so much.
Let's start strong with a detour to Japan and, more specifically, to Mount Misen. You can take three trails with their own natural peculiarities to get there. One is composed of large boulders all along the way; the other is relatively open to the bay with multiple markets, and finally, the last winds through the trees. In addition, it will take you between an hour and just over two hours to reach Mount Mosen, but you also have the possibility to do the cable car ride and the descent on foot. The more daring one among you will marvel at the Zanskar Valley in India, inviting you to a magnificent trek in the Indian Himalayas. This hike is particularly intense, but it will leave you satisfied since you will be able to enjoy breathtaking landscapes with gigantic valleys or endless deserts. The fauna, flora, monasteries, and villages perched on the side of cliffs will leave you speechless. In short, this mighty hike will allow you to push your limits. Note that it will take you about 19 days to complete it. Further afield, in China, hiking in Zhaoxing is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The rice fields of Zhaoxing terraced in the little-known province of Guizhou in China will make you dream. In this place, the hike between Zhaoxing village and Tang'an will offer you an incredible view. It takes between four to five hours of walking for this hike. If you have time, make the trek in the Tiger Leaping Gorge. According to some hiking enthusiasts, it is one of the most beautiful on the planet. To explore the Tiger Leaping Gorges, you must go through the side of the canyon, and after a few stops in the guesthouses, you will reach the highest point of the trek. It will take you about two days for this beautiful walk. A visit to South Korea is necessary to experience a hike in Asia, and for this Mount, Namsan is the best. It is a sacred territory of the ancient kingdom of Silla, where you can come across temples, Buddha statues, and pagodas scattered throughout the mountain. You will also be amazed at the tumuli presented as Korean pyramids. When you reach the top, the beautiful scenery of Gyeongju City, rice fields, and mountains will amaze you. This quiet hike will last about four hours. If you are passing through Indonesia, take advantage of the hike on the island of Flores. Your mission will then be to find your way toward the Wawomudha crater. On your way, you will find coffee plantations in the forest, pepper plantations in the hollow of ancient holes, and small berries with a grape taste. After that, you will let yourself be transported by the region's unique atmosphere. Especially since the orange-hued lakes bring a mystical side to this hike. Finally, Nepal will welcome you to the Annapurna Sanctuary to practice trekking. For the first few days, you will pass through the villages living in agriculture, and as you advance on your way, you will discover fascinating landscapes in the high mountains. If you go in April, you can admire the rhododendrons in bloom, and in October, you will be lulled by the sun's rays. To complete this hike, you will need about ten days. Another exciting country for hiking in Asia is Jordan, where you will start your journey in Amman. Cambodia will also seduce you with its popular destinations like Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Then, Sri Lanka offers a diverse choice in terms of trekking. It is the same for Malaysia, which has everything to make you feel pleased with its hikes.
hiking in asia
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