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Himeji Castle

Himeji Castle is one of Japan's most imposing castles. You can climb to the top to admire the panoramic view. Inside the rooms, you can discover the history of the samurai who once guarded the fortress.
Just a stone's throw from the castle, you'll find Kokoen Garden, a serene Japanese landscape garden. Its tranquil


Things to do and see - Himeji Castle

Enjoy a leisurely walk through nine Japanese-style gardens
Kokoen Garden
Go to a square for clear views of the castle’s main features
Sannomaru Square
Stroll along the main street that leads to the castle
Cross a little bridge to enter one of Japan's most beautiful castles
Sakuramon-bashi Bridge
Enter inside the castle through its popular main gate
Otemon Gate
Admire the museum’s impressive architecture and view art
Himeji City Museum of Art
Appreciate the beautiful scenery and traditional Japanese architecture
Engyoji Temple
Discover one of the most scenic spots to admire the castle
Shiromidai Park
Savor the views of the northern side of the castle from a quiet park
Shirotopia Memorial Park
Climb the stairs of the hill for eye-level views of the castle
Otokoyama Haisuiike Park

Festivals - Himeji Castle

FAQ - Himeji Castle

What is the history and age of Himeji Castle?
Why is Himeji Castle nicknamed the "White Heron Castle"?
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