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Ho Chi Minh City

Located in southern Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, once known as Saigon, is the place to be if you are looking for a total change of scenery for your trip.
Due to its colonial history and many futuristic achievements, this warm and dynamic city will make you discover wonders you will never see elsewhere! For a total immersion, go to one of its many markets, such as Ben Thanh (located in District 1) and Binh Tay (in Cholon district). These are two perfect places for your purchases of souvenirs, clothes, and food products, but also to taste some local dishes. Moreover, from street food to gourmet restaurants, you will find for sure something good to eat in the charming city of Ho Chi Minh. You'll need to head to the Vietnam War Remnants Museum to learn more about the city's poignant history. Then, you can go to District 1 to admire some historical buildings such as the Cathedral of Our Lady of Saigon, the Central Post Office, the Majestic Hotel, the Opera or the Museum of Fine Arts. Afterwards, go on an adventure in Cholon's Chinatown, where you can stroll along the traditional stalls decorated with Chinese ideograms and discover the magnificent pagodas. Ho Chi Minh City is also known for its modernity, especially with its Bitexco tower that proudly soars to the sky. With its 68 floors, you will enjoy a breathtaking view of the city. To finish, don't miss out on some festivals you can attend, like the Earth God Temple Festival (taking place on February 2 for the god Phuc Duc Chinh), the Ky Yen Festival (between February 10 and 14 featuring several ceremonies), the Lady Thien Hau Pagoda Festival (in March to celebrate Thien Hau Lady who helped Chinese people cross the sea), the Gentleman Pagoda Festival (in June including various ceremonies) or the Ong Bon Pagoda Festival (in August).
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