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The first visit can be to the Hubei Provincial Museum, located on the shore of Wu Chang's East Lake. In this place, travelers can appreciate the 200,000 artifacts and cultural relics on display. There are nearly 1,000 that are classified as being of prime cultural significance. A cultural center also regularly produces traditional and enchanting


Things to do and see - Hubei

Cruise along a river to see three gorges with distinctive landscapes
Three Gorges
Have a unique perspective of Wuhan's landscape
Yellow Crane Tower
Explore China's history at a well-preserved ancient city
Spot rare golden snub-nosed monkey amidst lush forests
View a vast collection of artifacts from ancient times
Hubei Provincial Museum
Visit a famous complex of Taoist temples and monasteries
Wudang Mountain
Go to a peaceful place for boating, picnicking, and enjoying nature
Wuhan East Lake
Immerse yourself in the scenic wonders of China's diverse terrain
Enshi Grand Canyon
Admire stunning rock formations in a mysterious cave
Tenglong Cave
Enjoy dramatic views across forested peaks
Sidu River Bridge

FAQ - Hubei

Is it true that Hubei is home to more than 50 ethnic minorities?
Is it true that Hubei province has four World Heritage Sites?

Events - Hubei

Dragon Boat Festival
The festival commemorates the poet Qu Yuan and showcases cultural traditions through thrilling dragon boat races, delectable rice dumplings, and vibrant folk activities. Recognized as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage, it is a vibrant celebration of heritage, community, and culinary delights.
Hubei, China

Xiangyang Dragon Boat Race
The Xiangyang Dragon Boat Race is an exhilarating festival that showcases the time-honored tradition of dragon boat racing in Xiangyang City. Participants from various regions and countries come together to compete in this thrilling water sport, navigating their long, narrow boats with synchronized paddling and vibrant drum beats. The festival captures the spirit of teamwork, athleticism, and cultural heritage, as spectators cheer on the teams and immerse themselves in the festive atmosphere.
Hubei, China

Dragon Boat Festival at Qu Yuan's hometown
The Dragon Boat Festival at Qu Yuan's hometown is a vibrant celebration that pays tribute to the ancient poet and features thrilling dragon boat races, traditional rituals, and cultural performances. This festival gathers participants and spectators from all over, fostering a sense of unity and honoring Qu Yuan's legacy while showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the region.
Hubei, China

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