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Visit the Ibadan Palace, the residence of the local king. You will learn about Yoruba history and tradition here. Admire the typical architectural design of these structures. It reveals more about this culture's way of life. Do not leave without visiting the Cocoa House Historic District. It houses Nigeria's first skyscraper, built in the 1950s.


Things to do and see - Ibadan

Climb the first skyscraper in West Africa for panoramic views
Cocoa House
Enjoy a picnic or a walk in nature in a serene park
Agodi Gardens
Get to an important historical landmark and enjoy the vistas
Bower's Tower
Learn about the rich historical culture of the Nigerian people
National Museum of Unity
Tour an important cultural and historical landmark
Mapo Hall
Immerse yourself in the local culture at a bustling market
Dugbe Market
Embark on a wildlife viewing trip in a serene environment
Old Oyo National Park
Experience a unique natural wonder and take in the views
Ado Awaye Suspended Lake
Have picnics and nature walks along a stunning cascading waterfall
Erin Ijesha Waterfalls
Explore a rich cultural landscape within a vast primary high forest
Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove

Festivals - Ibadan

FAQ - Ibadan

What Yoruba traditions can you discover?
Can you visit ancient historical sites in Ibadan?
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