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Iconic places of Emily in Paris

Let's start with the Place de l'Estrapade, visible from the young woman's studio window. This paved square adorned with its pretty fountain close to the Pantheon is to be added to the places to visit in the Latin Quarter. Moreover, through the episodes, we can see many shots of the alleys of the 5th arrondissement,

The Grand Palais, Paris, France

Things to do and see - Iconic places of Emily in Paris

Relax at a charming small Parisian square
Place de l'Estrapade
Wander around one of Paris's oldest and liveliest neighbourhoods
Rue Mouffetard
Visit landscaped grounds of a 17th century palace
Palais-Royal Garden
Shop in the temple of Parisian lifestyle
Stroll along a beautiful neoclassical square
Place Vendôme
Cross an impressive neo-baroque style bridge
Pont Alexandre III
Step on one of the oldest and most historic streets in Paris
Rue De L'Abreuvoir
Experience monumental immersive exhibitions
Atelier des Lumières
Attend a performance at a famous opera house
Palais Garnier
Enjoy picturesque waterside strolls, and charming cafes
Canal Saint-Martin
Cross the famous bridge of romance
Pont des Arts
Enter a 18th-century mausoleum, a monument of historical significance
Experience the charm of a historic French castle
Château de Sonnay

FAQ - Iconic places of Emily in Paris

How to spend a typical evening as Emily?
What are the central neighborhoods where the series takes place?
Why did producer Darren Star want to make a series in Paris?

Events - Iconic places of Emily in Paris

Music Festival
During this evening marking the beginning of summer, Paris honors all music styles: jazz, soul, world music and hip-hop. In short, this is an evening not to be missed! Like Emily, go to one of the many barges that offer small concerts on the banks of the Seine.
Paris, France

Open-air Cinema of La Villette
It's THE event of the summer in Paris so take advantage of these free screenings in the La Villette district
Paris, France

Tuileries funfair
For nearly 20 years, the Tuileries Garden has hosted the funfair every summer, bringing together the delicacies of our childhood and attractions that never cease to delight young and old.
Paris, France

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