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In Search of Captain Cook

Our odyssey commences in the quaint coastal town of Whitby, nestled along the North Yorkshire coast of England. Here, amidst the bracing sea air, James Cook was born in 1728, his destiny forever intertwined with the boundless ocean. The Captain Cook Memorial Museum, a treasure trove of maritime relics and historical narratives, offers a tantalizing


Things to do and see - In Search of Captain Cook

Enter the historic house where James Cook trained as a sailor
Captain Cook Memorial Museum, Whitby, UK
Go to a museum built next to the site of James Cook's birthplace
Captain Cook Birthplace Museum, Marton, UK
See Captain Cook's landing monument in Australia
Captain Cook's Landing Place, Kurnell, Australia
Explore the place of Cook's first voyage in 1770
Visit the country that Cook was the first European to define the outline of
New Zealand
Venture to the islands that Cook explored and mapped in 1778
Discover the island where Cook conducted extensive mapping
Tahiti, French Polynesia
Walk in the steps of Cook by exploring the Alaskan coastline
Alaska, USA

FAQ - In Search of Captain Cook

Who was Captain James Cook, and why is he famous?
Where was Captain James Cook born, and where can I learn more about his early life?

Events - In Search of Captain Cook

Kona Brewers Festival
The Kona Brewers Festival is a celebration of craft beer and local breweries, often featuring a diverse selection of beers, delicious food, and live entertainment. It's an event for beer enthusiasts to sample unique brews.
Kailua-Kona,, United States

The Cooktown Discovery Festival
This is a festival that commemorates the landing of Captain Cook and his crew in Cooktown, Queensland,. The festival features a re-enactment of the first encounter between Cook and the local Indigenous people, as well as live music, cultural performances, art exhibitions, markets, and more.
Queensland, Australia

The Endeavour Festival
This is a festival that celebrates the arrival of Captain Cook and the Endeavour in Whitby, England, UK. The festival features a replica of the Endeavour ship, as well as historical displays, maritime activities, workshops, lectures, and more. The festival is held annually in October
Whitby, England

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