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The capital of Indiana in the United States, Indianapolis is the perfect city for motorsport enthusiasts, but it will undoubtedly charm you with the other attractions you can practice there.
For the beginning of the tour, you can go to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, where you can admire the immensity of the place, including the museum and the souvenir shop, and you can even see a few racing cars running. You will also pass by the Capitol (Indiana State House), which sits on Capital Avenue in the city center. Not far from there is Monument Circle which is the perfect spot to take beautiful photos. A statue sits in its center, and basins and fountains protect it. In the adjacent streets, you will find many shops, restaurants, and bars. For shopping, the Circle Center is the address to be noticed. More than 100 stores are located there. Indianapolis is also home to one of the biggest teams in the NFL championship. Fans of US Football can go to Lucas Oil Stadium to watch a match. Then, to admire the city's incredible architecture, go to the Saint John Church. This cathedral is beautiful and fits perfectly into the downtown landscape. To take a short break or walk in the middle of nature, think of the many parks of Indianapolis. For this, you will have to go to New York Street between Meridian and Pennsylvania Street, where you will find four parks following one another on several blocks. Union Station is another place to absolutely visit. Built of red brick, it is one of the oldest train stations in the country. It is classified as a historical monument in Jackson Square. In Indianapolis, you can also attend many concerts and exhibitions. The month of August is full of them with motorcycle races, the Fringe Festival Theatre, or the Marsh Symphony on the Prairie. It is undoubtedly the most popular time of the year for partygoers.
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