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In the north of the Arabian Peninsula, Iraq has many monuments and attractions rich in history.
In this country, the citadel of Erbil is one of the first things to see. A vast castle, placed among the UNESCO World Heritage, will leave you speechless. Then the Museum of Civilization in Erbil and the Kurdish textile center are also worth seeing. Ziggurat of Ur will take you back to biblical accounts and the fearsome Babylonian kings. What remains of it today are beautiful ancient ruins that leave a mystery on the site. Then, you will not be able to miss the city of Basra. Between the palm forests and the Shatt al-Arab River, you will certainly have time to enjoy a cool breeze in the evening. The city of Karbala is a place that welcomes more than 30 million pilgrims every year. This area is considered sacred because the Imam Husayn Shrine is located there. In the west of Iraq stands the temples of Hatra. It is an archaeological site classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Dur-Kurigalzu is the remnant of an ancient ruin dating back 3,500 years and which was previously the heart of the cradle of the civilization of southern Mesopotamia. You will take the opportunity to admire the rivers Euphrates and Tigris. Then you can move on to the city of Sulaymaniyah, which is dynamic and welcoming. Located on the rugged mountains of Iraq, you'll be treated to a thriving art scene, and you can even find a few excellent restaurants to taste local delicacies. In Iraq, it will also be an opportunity to visit Babylon, where you can admire some majestic castles and Homera's jackets, among others. If you pass through Baghdad, the places to visit are the National Museum of Archaeology, the Abbasid Palace, the Abu Hanifa Mosque, and the Arch of the Hands of Victory.
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