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Japanese Alps

In the Japanese Alps, Shirakawago is an unmissable spot. It is a picturesque village famous for its typical houses, the Gassho-Zukuri. Their particularity is their thatched roofs that are used to withstand heavy snowfall in winter. However, taking the tour early in the morning is recommended because it is the time of the day when


Things to do and see - Japanese Alps

Go hiking and experience splendid mountain scenery
Embark on a trekking trip to explore picks and valleys
Chubu-Sangaku National Park
Explore one of Japan's most popular ski areas
Experience the city's traditional neighborhoods
See traditional thatched-roof houses in a mountain village
Take a scenic train journey through the rugged mountains
The Kurobe Gorge
Bathe in hot springs in attractive outdoor baths in natural settings
Reach a popular spot for hiking and conquer the peak
Visit charming historic towns with Edo-period architecture
Kiso Valley
Observe Japan's famous hot-spring-bathing snow monkeys

FAQ - Japanese Alps

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In which other part of the Japanese Alps is it possible to go skiing?
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