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Founded more than 2,500 years ago, Jeddah bears the traces of a rich and turbulent past. Bab Makkah Gate & Al-Shafi'i Mosque whisper tales: Jeddah's historic heart, once a thriving center of trade and faith.
Today, Jeddah is a modern and dynamic city that continues to grow. Futuristic Jeddah: Corniche's 30 km promenade boasts


Things to do and see - Jeddah

Have an exceptional shopping experience
Red Sea Mall
Explore the historical area of the city and its traditional architecture
Marvel at one of the tallest water fountains in the world
King Fahad's Fountain
See one of the most distinctive symbols of Jeddah
Al Rahmah Mosque
Take in stunning views of the sea from a waterfront promenade
Jeddah Corniche
Learn about the rich history and heritage of the city
Al Taybat International City Museum of Science and Information
View a well-preserved example of traditional Arabian architecture
Nassif House Museum
Experience incredible landscapes and natural rock formations
Moon Valley
Enjoy a day filled with amusement and limitless entertainment
Al Shallal Recreational Park
Go swimming, snorkeling, and diving in the sea
Al-Saif Beach

Festivals - Jeddah

FAQ - Jeddah

What are the most important historical sites in Jeddah?
What are the most important historical sites in Jeddah?

- Jeddah

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