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Joanneum Quarter

The Joanneumviertel museum complex is the ideal place for those who wish to discover art in different forms.
Located in the south of Austria, specifically in the city of Graz, the Joanneumsviertel Cultural Complex is distinguished by its vast collection of multidisciplinary works spread over three museums. In the New Gallery, there are temporary exhibitions of modern and contemporary art, including paintings and sculptures from the period between the 19th and 21st centuries. The Museum of Natural History will explore the permanent exhibition of the sciences of botany, geology, paleontology, mineralogy and zoology. At the Center of Science Activities, we will be able to learn about the technologies that surround us.
Joanneum Quarter
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FAQs for Joanneum Quarter

  • In what year was the Joanneumsviertel cultural complex founded?
    Since its founding in 1811, the Joanneum Universal Museum has continued to grow. In 2006, renovation work was launched and the Spanish architect Nieto Sobejano was commissioned to carry out this architectural transformation. In 2011, the cultural complex was renamed Joanneumsviertel.

  • What activities are organized within the Center of Science Activities?
    Many fun activities are organized for young people within the Center of Science Activities. These workshops focus on technological designs around robotics and health, for example.

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