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Journey through world villages

First, let's embark in Japan's direction, at the Shirakawa-go village. Nestled in a landscape of immense beauty, this UNESCO World Heritage gem offers you a glimpse of the thatched architecture of gasshō-zukuri farms. For example, the Kanda House, dating from the nineteenth century, is the result of a magnificent feat of carpentry. Built without any


Things to do and see - Journey through world villages

Hop on a boat ride through canals and see thatched-roof houses
Giethoorn, Netherlands
Be enchanted by a fairytale-like village nestled beside a lake
Hallstatt, Austria
Witness traditional gassho-zukuri style farmhouses
Shirakawa-go, Japan
Explore a row of 17th-century weavers' cottages by a water meadow
Bibury, England
Experience authentic living fishing village in a scenic location
Reine, Norway
Enjoy the view of a cliffside village with a pebble beachfront
Positano, Italy
Visit an enchanting village on the French Riviera
Eze, France
Travel to a small Italian fishing village and vacation resort
Portofino, Italy
Have a peaceful retreat at a village nestled in the Swiss Alps
Gimmelwald, Switzerland
Embrace the tranquil atmosphere of a tiny village near a tidal lagoon
Saksun, Faroe Islands

FAQ - Journey through world villages

How do villages preserve their traditions and craftsmanship?
In what ways can one experience the hospitality of a village?

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