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The Hase-Dera Temple is one of the first places to visit. It will amaze you with the beautiful statue of Kannon, the goddess of mercy who is there. There are also different temples and gardens to discover in this place. Along the way, you will come across some shops for shopping in the beautiful pedestrian


Things to do and see - Kamakura

See a massive bronze Buddha statue
Experience traditional Japanese architecture and culture
Tsurugaoka Hachimangu
Visit a Buddhist temple and gardens dating from the 8th century
Kamakura Hasedera
Enjoy a peaceful walk that will enchant your senses
Hokokuji Temple
Explore one of Kamakura's five great Zen temples
Wash your money in a shrine, believed to double its value
Zeniarai Benten Shrine
Have a tranquil moment at a temple with a serene atmosphere
Meigetsu-in Temple
Go to an island to enjoy beautiful beaches, caves, botanical gardens
Enoshima Island
Enjoy a day on a sandy beach with shallow, calm waves
Kamakura Zaimokuza Beach
Travel to a big port town and visit Yokohama Chinatown

Festivals - Kamakura

FAQ - Kamakura

Why is it said that Kamakura is a city of Temples and Shrines?
Is it true that Kamakura is home to the oldest statue of Buddha in Japan?

- Kamakura

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