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The serene and green city Kamakura will seduce you with its string of temples scattered between forests, mountains, and the ocean.
The Hase-Dera Temple is one of the first places to visit. It will amaze you with the beautiful statue of Kannon, the goddess of mercy who is there. There are also different temples and gardens to discover in this place. Along the way, you will come across some shops for shopping in the beautiful pedestrian streets. Then, you will pass by the Kotoku-in temple and its Daibutsu, one of the city's biggest attractions. You will also take the view with the Great Bronze Buddha, who has stood for nearly 800 years. Moreover, 15 minutes from there, you will find the Sasuke Inari shrine located in the middle of the forest and the symbolic animal of this place is the fox. You will also take the opportunity to visit the Bamboo forest, which will dazzle you with its beauty. To watch a beautiful sunset, head to Kamakura Beach. It is also a good spot for surfers. You will take some time to go to the Zeniarai Benten Sanctuary just after that. According to legend, its water source is considered to be a fountain of youth that increases wealth for people seeking fortune. Engakuji Temple, the largest and oldest Zen temple in Japan, and Shokozan Tokeji Temple are places you should not miss during your visit to Kamakura. To recharge your batteries in the middle of nature, you must go to Jochiji Temple, and you will have all the time you need for a good walk. Of course, we must remember the Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gu Shrine. It overlooks the city with its powerful presence. Also, take some time to visit Eishoki with its pretty wooden buildings and small bamboo grove. For a country atmosphere, head to Sugimoto-dera, the oldest temple in Kamakura. Finally, please take advantage of the Kamakura Festival, which takes place in mid-April and celebrates the city's history and samurai folklore. Dances and archery are honored.
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