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Karnak Temple Complex

Spanning an area of 2 km2, the Karnak Temple, one of the grandest religious complexes of antiquity, proudly displays its ruins. Of the 134 columns spread over 5000 square metres, twelve of them, central and wider, supported the roof of the building, which is now destroyed. Upon arriving at the temple, visitors are dazzled by the 40 sphynx that stand at the entrance. Some wear a ram's head while others have a human face. This sphynx avenue leads to the Luxor Temple and the Nile. A historic building of great value, the architecture of the Temple of Karnak consists of 3 main enclosures dedicated to different gods. Obelisks, large statues and hieroglyphics are on display.
Karnak Temple Complex

FAQs for Karnak Temple Complex

  • In honor of which gods were the enclosures of the Temple of Karnak consecrated?
    The Temple of Karnak was dedicated to the gods of the "Theban Triad" specifically Amon, Mut and Montou.