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Hampi which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site was once the capital of Vijayanagara Empire. Explore wide-ranging ruins and majestic temples like Virupaksha and Vitthala. They are marked by detailed sculptured adornments. The rock-cut temples in Badami date back to 6th century and are beautiful indeed. These sculptures have been carved out with precision, showcasing


Things to do and see - Karnataka

Visit one of India's most dynamic and vibrant urban centers
Witness one of the most magnificent and largest palaces in India
Mysore Palace
Enter a vast open-air museum of ruins dotted with ancient temples
Unwind in nature and see aromatic coffee and spice plantations
Enjoy trekking trails, coffee plantations, rivers, waterfalls, and temples
See an ancient hill fortress scattered with monuments and shrines
Nandi Hills
Relax on the beaches of a laid-back coastal town dotted with shrines
Have a laid-back holiday in a major industrial port city
Explore a coastal town with pristine beaches and divine temples
Embark on exciting jungle safaris to witness exotic species of wildlife
Bandipur National Park

Festivals - Karnataka

FAQ - Karnataka

What are the major festivals celebrated in Karnataka?
What are the main cities to visit in Karnataka?
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