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The one of the most celebrated places in town is undoubtedly where two largest rivers in Africa meet. Here you can walk and admire this exclusive landscape with the two Niles blending before the onlookers.
Amongst many outstanding buildings at Khartoum, Al-Qasr Mosque is notable. Its style gracefully combines Arab and African influences that create

View the world's largest Nubian archaeological collection
Sudan National Museum
See artifacts of Sudan's diverse cultures and traditions
Ethnographic Museum
Relax in a park at the confluence of the Blue and White Nile
Al Mogran Family Park
Have a glimpse into the political history of Sudan
Republican Palace Museum
Enjoy a relaxing walk or a picnic on a small island
Tuti Island
Experience the largest open-air market in the city
Souq Al-Arabi
Stroll along a scenic street that runs along the Blue Nile
Nile Street
Tour the nearby city to explore traditional Nubian architecture
Visit the Abboud Family Park and discover other city attractions
Khartoum North
Hike near a gorge and take in the landscape along the River Nile
Sabaloka Gorge

Festivals - Khartoum

FAQ - Khartoum

What are the main historical sites not to be missed in Khartoum?
What are the main cultural events that enliven the city of Khartoum?
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