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Kolkata, previously called Calcutta, is India's cultural capital and is located in the West Bengal state of India. As the center of culture, the city boasts numerous stunning sights and exciting tourist experiences. Kolkata is widely known for having the Motherhouse of the Missionaries of Charity, where the selfless Mother Teresa of Calcutta lived and


Things to do and see - Kolkata

Explore India's rich history through diverse artifacts
Indian Museum
Admire colonial grandeur and stunning gardens
Victoria Memorial
Meet lifelike wax figures of iconic personalities
Mother's Wax Museum
Enjoy outdoor activities in a sprawling urban oasis
Eco Park
Visit a historic church with impressive architecture
St. Paul's Cathedral
Experience the engineering marvel connecting the city
Howrah Bridge

FAQ - Kolkata

What is the most celebrated festival in the city of Kolkata?
What are Kolkata's famous desserts and sweets?
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