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Kunming, a city in the Yunnan region, will delight you with its natural landscapes and many outdoor walks.
Kunming, nicknamed The City of Eternal Spring, invites you to enjoy the great outdoors and discover the cultural diversity of the Yunnan region. The Stone Forest, a World Heritage Site, is a must-visit to the east of the city. This natural spectacle, formed by the erosion of rocks, is accessible by paved paths facilitating its crossing. You'll find Jiuxang Scenic Region a bit further north, where you'll visit world-unique caves and valleys traversed by rivers and waterfalls. To get acquainted with the cultures of the twenty or so ethnic groups present in the region, go to Yunnan Nationalities Village, which presents the different styles of architecture, beliefs, and local customs of each, in a natural setting specific to Kunming. Between April and August, festivals around certain peoples take place, such as those of the Yi, Jinuo, or Bai. Further west, you can stroll through Xishan National Park, where the vegetation is dense. There, it will be possible to contemplate several Buddhist temples, such as Huating Temple, one of the largest in Yunnan, or Taihua Temple, the oldest in the region. To finish your visit to this mountain, contemplate the panoramic view at the Dragon Gate, a building built in stone at the edge of the cliff. The snowy mountain of Jiaozi will surprise you with its rare landscape in the Eternal City of Spring. Between November and March, you will witness a show of snow and frozen waterfalls, while from April to June, the azaleas will be flowered and will offer a landscape that will have nothing to envy to the winter, mainly thanks to the presence of the Wumeng azalea endemic to this mountain.
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