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Kyoto Railway Museum

The Kyoto Railway Museum recounts the historic stages of the modernization of Japan's rail network.
The Kyoto Railway Museum is one of Japan's largest railway museums. You can discover the evolution of the history of the country's railway, ranging from the first steam locomotives to the shinkansen, the high-speed trains. In the first part of the exhibition, visitors will find themselves in front of an impressive collection of locomotives, accessories and railway models. Interactive activities such as taking control of a miniature train and making a journey around the diorama are offered to the public. From the top-floor terrace of the building, you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of the railway lines.
Kyoto Railway Museum
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FAQs for Kyoto Railway Museum

  • Who founded the Kyoto Railway Museum?
    The Kyoto Railway Museum was founded and inaugurated in 1972 by the West Japan Railway.

  • What was the old name of the Kyoto Railway Museum?
    Umekoji Steam Locomotive Museum was the former name of the Kyoto Railway Museum.

  • What activity can be done at the Kyoto Railway Museum?
    Close to the Roundhouse, you can take a steam train for a ride.

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