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One highlight of Kyrgyzstan is its beautiful mountains. The Tian Shan range extends across the country. It offers stunning views. Visitors can see the snow-capped peaks, turquoise lakes, and vast alpine meadows. Hiking in these mountain landscapes is a popular activity.
Kyrgyzstan has long been home to nomadic shepherd communities, the Kyrgyz people. Their


Things to do and see - Kyrgyzstan

Stroll through the capital city to admire landmarks
Relax on the shores of a lake surrounded by snow-capped peaks
Issyk Kul
Hike through a natural park and see glaciers and waterfalls
Ala Archa National Park
Venture to an archaeological site amidst a stunning landscape
Burana Tower
Take in the views of towering sandstone formations and narrow passages
Fairytale Canyon
View exhibits about the cultural heritage of the Kyrgyz people
State History Museum
Have a unique nomadic experience and stay in yurts with local families
Experience one of the Silk Roads’ oldest and most famous market towns
Hike through a valley to reach a mountain resort and indulge in hot springs
Explore a gateway to the region's diverse history and nature

Festivals - Kyrgyzstan

FAQ - Kyrgyzstan

What is kok-boru, a traditional Kyrgyz game?
Why is Nauryz an essential celebration in Kyrgyzstan?
What are the main historical sites related to the Silk Road in Kyrgyzstan?

- Kyrgyzstan

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