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Kyushu is Japan's third largest island, and it's almost impossible for tourists not to think about this surprising stopover when visiting the country. Between temples, onsen, picturesque inns, and many visits, there is plenty to do in the place many describe as the cradle of Japanese civilization.
So, for starters, since Kyushu's cities are on the edge of large mountain ranges and volcanoes, tourists usually don't waste a second experiencing onsen. These hot springs have the distinction of being places of relaxation by excellence. That said, Kyushu's most renowned onsen is Unzen Onsen. Apart from that, the big central city of the island: Fukuoka, will immerse you in its pleasant climate, liveliness, and diversity. There, the large Ohori Park, the Canal City Hakata shopping center, Momochihama Beach, the Fukuoka Tower, the Tocho-Ji Buddhist temple, the Yanagibashi market, the Hatha Machiya folk art museum, the Momochi district built on water or the Shinto shrines: Sumiyoshi, Hakozaki, and Kushida, await you. It is also in Fukuoka that it is possible to taste the best specialties of Kyushu. In addition, on the island of Kyushu, there are two active volcanoes: Mount Aso and Sakurajima. It is possible to climb these two volcanoes with a cable car. Moreover, the mixed onsen, observatories, park, and Torii of the shrine at Sakurajima will make you live a unique experience. To get a good overview of Japanese culture, you have to go to Nagasaki, but that's not all since you can also visit the Peace Park, Mount Inasa, Glover Gardens, Kofukuji Temple, Dejima district, Chinatown, or Urakami Cathedral. Those who love the beach will only have to go to Miyazaki to enjoy palm trees and water sports such as surfing. You will also take the opportunity to learn a little more about the region's legends in the city of Takachiho, the tiny island of Aoshima, and the Udo Jingu Shrine. Finally, finish your visit by attending some festivals, including Hakata Gion Yamakasa in July, Karatsu Kunchi in November, Hakozaki-Gu in September, Dontaku in May, plum festival at Dazaifu Tenmangu, Wasshoi Hyakuman Matsuri in August, Nagasaki Lantern Festival in February or Shuri Castle Festival in Okinawa in October, among others.
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