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Laos will surprise you with its karst mountain landscapes and temples, enough to amaze you during a getaway in this Asian country.
Laos, a land of elephants located in Southeast Asia, is a destination with a great diversity of natural landscapes. This authentic country will enchant you with its Buddhist temples and beautiful places such as Lake Mekong or Mount Bia. You can explore Vat Phou, at the foot of the sacred mountain and climb to the highest point of Phou Khao for panoramic views. Let yourself be lulled by the spiritual city, Luang Prabang, in the center of Laos, punctuated by morning Buddhist ceremonies. For a paradise getaway, sail on Lake Mekong through the city. In the far south of the country, explore the 4000 islands of Siphandone. Don't miss the capital Vientiane, home to the Patuxai monument and the mysterious Buddha Park with its many statuettes. Guests can enjoy the capital's famous night market and attend the annual canoe festival. In southern Laos, swim in the Blue Lagoon, the city's flagship attraction, and enter the mysterious Tham Poukham Cave.
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FAQs for Laos

  • What are the main religions practiced in Laos?
    While Theravada Buddhism is practiced by most of the population, Baha'i, Christianity and Islam are the other religions practiced in the country.

Things to do and see in Laos

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