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At the crossroads of East and West, you can find the beautiful country of Lebanon that charms tourists with its many natural wonders and historical remains listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
In Lebanon, you will party all night in Beirut because the capital of this country will transport you with its vibrant energy and unique atmosphere. You will taste the best pastries in Tripoli and stroll through its archaeological sites admiring the breathtaking landscapes. You will then travel a few kilometers north to come across Byblos, a city listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the oldest cities in Lebanon. Remember to visit the citadel. You will only be surprised. In the country's northwest, the Qadisha Valley (also listed by UNESCO) will take you on a journey with its extraordinary landscapes, cliffs, and green nature. Tyre may be part of your next destination. Facing the Mediterranean Sea, you will discover a modern but also an ancient city because it is the cradle of the Phoenician civilization. Do not miss to visit some must-see monuments of Lebanon, such as the Castle of St. Gilles located in Tripoli, the wall of the sea also called the Phenician wall between Beirut and Tripoli or the Notre-Dame du Liban in the north of Beirut. To admire Lebanese architecture, go to the Beiteddine Palace, which hosts the Beiteddine Festival between July and August, the Beiteddine Palace Museum, and the summer residence of the President of the Lebanese Republic. Stables, gardens, and hammams will amaze you. Immerse yourself in the forest of the Cedars of God with three thousand-year-old trees. Also, don't forget the Rocks of Raouche located in a natural site called the Pigeon Cave, and enjoy the seaside and sunset. Stay in nature by visiting the Chouf Nature Reserve, which is home to several species of wild mammals, plants, and birds. For climbing, mountain biking, archery, or stargazing, you can go to the Ehden Forest. Think also of waterfalls and rivers to recharge your batteries, such as the Afqa waterfall and the Backline River. The vineyards of Zahlé will invite you to visit the estate or taste the products. Then, enjoy the crystal-clear waters of Jungle Beach and Anfe Beach. You will be surprised.
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