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Leopold Museum

The Leopold Museum gives you a unique opportunity to discover the artworks of the famous artists Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt.
The Leopold Museum Vienna is home to modern artworks. The permanent exhibitions in the Leopold Museum offer a unique artistic insight into the history of the austro-hungarian Empire. The architecture of the building comes in the form of a cube of white limestone flooded with light. A paved courtyard with a series of large glass windows and a multitude of light bulbs symbolizes the consolidated historicity of all the collections stored there. The panoramic windows of the museum offer a panoramic view of the city of Vienna and its surroundings, as well as to the Leopold Museum itself.
Leopold Museum
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FAQs for Leopold Museum

  • Which architects designed the Leopold Museum?
    The Leopold Museum has been designed by architects Laurids and Manfred Ortner. The cube shaped building offers an exhibition area of 5,400 square meters over five floors.

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